Mizuno Beach Volleyball Marathon® is the most famous and most participated in open tournament of beach volley worldwide; is celebration of sheer fun! When the night starts and the adrenaline rises it will be difficult to miss out on its parties on the beach, where the real hoot will be!

Every year Mizuno Beach Volley Marathon® reunites thousands of beach volley lovers with no age limit and at any level of play. An amazing summer hangout for anyone willing to share a weekend with friends on the beach jumping, digging, and spiking, having fun all together. Incredible evening parties on the beach, nights spent in the best clubs and special accommodation rates complete the offer of an amazing event that cannot be missed.


Participation is open to teams of athletes with no age limit and at any level of play, divided into categories: 2x2 Male, 2x2 Female, 3x3 Male, 3x3 Female and 4x4 Mixed (two men and two women on the court). The 2x2 M/F may have a reserve (see “General Regulation”); the 3x3 M/F and the 4x4 Mixed may have two reserves per team. Athletes who are part of one team cannot be part of other teams in the same category. Participation in the tournament involves the acceptance of the "General Regulation" which is downloadable here. Note: To foster youth team participation and promote beach volley, we invite sport clubs to take part to this event with one or more youth teams aged between 14 and 17 and benefit from the complimentary participation fee.

M/F 2X2 formats

The 2x2 M/F matches will take place on Friday and Saturday. Friday (the first day of the tournament) will use the double elimination format, beginning with 32 teams, with no limit on the number of teams entered, using the seeding system based on the date of the formalized registration. After the first loss, the team will pass from the winning scoreboard to the losing scoreboard, and after two losses the team will be disqualified. The top teams in each scoreboard, with any repechage, will be included on Saturday’s final scoreboard (second day of the tournament) based on the ranking they had in Friday’s scoreboard.

The matches will be played as a single set to 21 points, with a maximum of 23 points; the final matches (1st -2nd and 3rd -4th places) will be played using the two out of three format, set to 21 points, with a maximum of 23 points and any third set will be played to 15 points with a difference of two points, no point limit.

3x3 M/F and 4x4 Mixed formats

The match of 3x3 M/F and 4x4 Mixed categories will compete on Saturday and Sunday. The match format includes a qualification stage (on Saturday), consisting of round robin tournaments with more teams (no limit to the number of teams registered). At the end of the qualification stage a provisional table will be drawn up for each category on the basis of the point ratio gained until that moment by each team (with an equal point ratio the best positions are assigned on the basis of the formalized registration). The final stage (Sunday) will take place based on the above-mentioned ranking with direct elimination matches until the final one. For the 4x4 Mixed category, 768 teams will access to the final stage from the qualification round on the basis of the best point ratio, split in four different draws:

Platinum draw (1st – 192nd); Golden draw (193rd - 384th ); Silver draw (385th – 576th); Bronze draw (477th – 768th). For the 3x3M and 3x3F categories, 576 teams will access to the final stage on the basis of the best point ratio won during qualification round, divided in three different draws: Golden draw (1st – 192nd); Silver draw (193rd . 384th); Bronze draw (385th– 576th). In case of a final draw presents a number of teams of less than 32, these teams will be included in the draw that precedes it (ex: Bronze draw with 30 teams entered, the teams will be entered into the Silver Draw). All matches are played in one set to the best of 21 points with a 23 points limit; the final matches (1st -2nd and 3rd-4th place) will be best out of in one set to the best of 21 points with a lead of two points with no point limit.


Refereeing will be performed in rotation by the same athletes according to the competition program downloaded here and available in the BeachVolleyMarathon App (remember that an application update will be necessary). The final matches will be supervised by federal referees.

All matches must be played in accordance with the principles of fair play, athletes must accept the referee’s decisions and be respectful of all the other participants; otherwise the organizers can decide, at their sole discretion, to exclude the participant from the tournament without being obligated to offer reimbursement.

Check of the qualifying round results

During the qualifying round, teams must verify the accuracy of the final results of their matches displayed on the scoreboard and also in the section of the BeachVolleyMarathon App. Once the qualifying round have been completed, it will not be possible to request any corrections of results.

Matches won and lost by default

In the qualifying round, the results of the matches won or lost by default will assign a score of 21-0 to the losing team. The score will determine the quotient points of the provisional ranking. However no points will be assigned and counted to teams winning the match by default.

Program and refereeing of the final phase

The rankings of the 2x2 M/F qualifying round and, therefore, the draws of the finals match will be available on Friday evening (within two hours from the end of the last match) in the secretariat area nearby the central court. The rankings of the qualifying round of the categories 3x3 M/F and 4x4 Mixed will be available, late Saturday evening, in the "Ranking" section and in the spotlight section of the BeachVolleyMarathon App.

In addition, a text message will be sent to all the players in charge of the whole team that will communicate the ranking position obtained in the qualifying round. Based on this ranking obtained at the end of the qualifying round (On Saturday), teams of categories 3×3 M/F and 4×4 Mixed will get their matches and refereeing scheduled timetable for the next day , from the section “Draws of final match– on Sunday” available here and also in the BeachVolleyMarathon App.

Management of lateness and concomitants

Lateness’ management. Teams must arrive on playing courts at least 30 minutes prior the scheduled time assigned (and at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time for teams playing the first match in the morning). Any team that does not arrive on the court, or is incomplete, or arrives more than 20 minutes after the times given in the match draw, will be declared defeated by default with a score of 0-21. No lateness will be accepted for the first round of the tournament in the morning. Any team that does not arrive on the court, or it is incomplete, or arrives later than their set time, will be declared defeated by default with a score of 0-21.

The referee will take the final decision and declare a team defeated by default after being informed of the lateness from the opposing team and/or the Tournament Director.

Concomitants’ management. For teams with one or more athletes playing in different categories, notwithstanding what stated above, a 40 minutes delay will be allowed. Beyond this time and at the invitation of the Director of the Tournament, teams will choose which game category they will play and, therefore, which match lose by default.

Unfavourable weather conditions and other external events

The Mizuno Beach Volley Marathon® will take place despite of any weather condition. Of course in certain unfavourable weather conditions (or other external events) the organizers can decide at their discretion, to suspend provisionally or permanently the matches and the evening parties without any obligation of reimbursement. For all the categories, the Tournament Director can decide one or more suspensions of match and decree the recovery of the same when the external conditions will allow the teams to play again. In this case, it will be resumed the score set at the time of suspension. For 2x2 M/F categories format, the qualifying round matches could be also postponed to the next day (Saturday). In case of permanent suspension of the final round, the relative prize money will be equally divided between the teams that were still playing at the time of the suspension and awarded only if the amount per team is higher than 20,00 EUR. For 3x3 M/F and 4x4 Mixed categories format, when the Tournament Director decides for the permanent suspension during the qualifying round, the provisional rankings will be drawn up on the basis of the results achieved by each team at the time of suspension; for the teams that have not played any match will be assigned by default a point ratio equal to the average of the points calculated for matches played in the same category; for equal point ratio, the ranking position will be determined based on the date of registration (date and time of receipt of the application form).
In this case (permanent suspension of qualifying round), the prize money will be distributed equally between play draw, and assigned to different ranking positions in the percentages applied to the 2x2 category format. We would like to remind that in case there are less that 32 teams on a final matchplay draw (3x3 M / F and 4x4 Mixed categories format), the corresponding prize will be cancelled and will not be cumulated with the prize money of other categories. In case of permanent suspension of the the final round, for each matchplay draw that is still in the running, the prize money, with the exception of those already awarded, will be equally divided between the teams that were still playing at the time of the suspension and assigned only if the amount per team is higher than 20,00 EUR.