Registrations to Mizuno Beach Volley Marathon® for 2018 must be completed no later than the second deadline: Thursday the 19th of April for the first event of May and Thursday the 23rd of August for the event of September, sending by email to in .pdf format or by fax to 041.595.14.82 the registration form you will find in the section "Useful Documents". If you pay by bank transfer, the registration form has to be sent together with the payment receipt, indicating in the payment description: Mizuno Beach Volley Marathon (or BVM) and the name of team/s. If paying by credit card it will be enough to send the application form only and wait for the email where you will find the link for the payment. To facilitate administrative work, please do not let pass more than three days from the date of the payment and the date of the forwarding of the documents requested. We ask to send all the documents once, to help administration work. In case the application form is sent after April the 5th  for the event of May and August the 16th for the event of September, there will be an extra charge of 20,00 euros on the team fees and on the request of accommodation-only. The outstanding balance of individual athlete fees or memberships, part of the amount due for accommodation or other services will be solved during check-in by cash only (no payments by checks, debit or credit card are accepted). The confirmation will be sent via e-mail within ten working days after the receiving of the required documents. If the confirmation has not arrived within ten working days the team responsible has to call the administrative office of the organization (phone: 041.595.06.12). Withdrawals: withdrawals taking place before the departure shall be subject to the penalty fees outlined in "General terms and conditions - art. 7".

The registration is completed once the documents have been sent to the office (registration form and receipt of payment). Note: the enrollment will not be valid if you don't send the form or if you don't complete the payment.




Download the Registration form from "useful documents".



Enter your data and all the athletes data and, if you like, choose your accommodation.



Print the Registration form.



Pay with bank transfer. If you want to pay by using your credit card you have to send the documents and wait for our mail with a link for the payment.



Send by email or fax the Registration form signed by the responsible of the group and the receipt of the payment. Congratulations! You finalized your registration.


The Registration form is online and must be filled in, printed, signed by the person in charge of the contract and sent by email ( with .pdf format) or by fax (+39 041.595.98.82 - +39 041.595.14.82), with the receipt of payment (in case of bank transfer) and the athlete registration form. The registration made by the team responsible the last year remains valid with the same contact details: name of the resposible, email and password. If needed, you can ask for a new password; if you want to upload your personal datas (email and address), you have to ask the admninistrative office.

Click here for the Registration Form


Registration must be completed by bank transfer or credit card (Visa and MasterCard). For bank transfer, we must receive the copy of the payment receipt together with the registration form (by fax or email). The beneficiary of bank transfer must be Raduni Sportivi Srl (via Milano, 2/b – 30020 Marcon – Ve) to c/c n. 1313 of Banco Popolare di Verona – Venezia Branch, San Leonardo, 1906 (IBAN: IT61 L 05034 02013 000000001313 – SWIFT: BAPPIT21603), in the payment description: BVM and the team name. Note: For every transaction with a credit card, there is a commission provided at your expenses.


Each team must fill in the Athletes form, which must be printed, signed by each team player and delivered at the check in. In case of athletes who are underage a parent or a guardian must sign the registration form in his behalf in order to allow the minor to participate in the sports event as an athlete. Note: any changes and/or additions to the athlete list (i.e. entering new athletes, adding missing data, etc.) can be made online  or during the check-in.

Click here for the Athletes Form


A valid health certificate up to date is required. This certificate will be valid for the duration of the sporting event. The team manager (or a delegate with the contract) has to bring the medical certificates (copies are accepted too) for all members of his/her team during the check-in. A doctor will be available during the check-in process for anyone needing a physical examination and the certificate. At the end of the tournament, athletes may retrieve their medical certificates following the indications of the staff. We remind that it will not be possible to ask for the certificates the days after the event. Note: it will not be possible to print the certificates during the check-in.