Enrollment in the Mizuno Beach Volley Marathon® for 2019 must be completed no later than the second deadline: Thursday the 2nd of May - for the first event in May and Thursday the 29th of August - for the September event.

Registration requires sending an e-mail to and filling out the participation form (pdf format) that can be found in the section “How to Sign-up”. The participation form can alternatively be sent by fax to 041.595.14.82. In the case of payment by bank transfer, the participation form must be sent together with the payment receipt where, in the “reason for payment” section, the BVM and team name must be indicated. To facilitate administrative procedures, you are kindly requested not to allow more than three working days to elapse between the value date of the payment and the sending of the documentation. We kindly ask you not to make multiple submissions of the documentation, which could cause errors in the handling of the files. A €25 late fee will be added to the team fee and the requests for accommodation if they are completed and sent after the first deadline: April 18th is the deadline for the May event and August 22nd is the deadline for the September event. The balance of any other fees for athletes, accommodations and optional services must be paid in cash at the time of check-in. Enrollment confirmation will be communicated by e-mail to the contract manager within ten working days immediately following receipt of the participation form; if enrollment confirmation is not received after ten working days from the time of sending, the person in charge of the contract is asked to contact the organizing secretary (telephone 041.595.06.12, cell 320.90.18.899 - 338.27.12.384). For withdrawals before the departure the amount of the penalty will be charged to the extent indicated in the art. 7 of the "General terms and conditions of sale of a tourist package.

Enrollment is formalized by sending the required documentation (participation form and successful payment). ATTENTION: the only payment will have no value for the purpose of registration.




Download the Registration form from "useful documents".



Enter your data and all the athletes data and, if you like, choose your accommodation.



Print the Registration form.



Pay with bank transfer. If you want to pay by using your credit card you have to send the documents and wait for our mail with a link for the payment.



Send by email or fax the Registration form signed by the responsible of the group and the receipt of the payment. Congratulations! You finalized your registration.

Participation form (reservation request for package/tourist service)

You can download the participation form (pdf file), print, sign and send by e-mail ( or fax (0039 041.595.14.82).

Click here for the Registration Form


Enrollment must be completed, by making payment via credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or via bank transfer. For payments by bank transfer, it is necessary to send (by e-mail or fax) the payment receipt together with the participation form, reporting: the BVM and name of the team (s). The bank transfer must be made to Raduni Sportivi srl (via Milano, 2 / b - 30020 Marcon - Ve) on the current account no. 1313 of Banco Popolare - Venice Branch, San Leonardo, 1906 (IBAN: IT61 L 05034 02013 000000001313 - SWIFT: BAPPIT21603)


It will be possible to download the "athlete’s registration form" (at the end of the "Registration/enrollment form" - pdf file) that must be signed by all the athletes and delivered at check-in. For young athletes, the signature must be of the parent/guardian who consents to the minor's participation as an athlete; the release form must be accompanied by a copy of the parent’s/guardian’s personal ID card. Note: any changes and/or additions to the list of athletes (for example: inclusion of new athletes, integration of missing data, etc.) can be carried out directly at the time of check-in. Any change of names may only regard an athlete for the 2x2 M / F game categories and up to a maximum of two athletes for the 3x3 M / F and 4x4 Mixed game categories.


To participate in the tournament as an athlete you must have a medical certificate for non-competitive sports/fitness (certificate of health status) or, alternatively, a medical certificate for competitive sports suitability – which must be valid for the dates of the event/tournament. At check-in, the contract manager (or his/her delegate, able to provide the sales contract) must give the organizational office the medical certificates (each with an extra copy) of all the team members. During the check-in process it will not be possible to request the printing of medical certificates. However, during check-in, a doctor will be available for those wishing to request a medical examination for the issuing of certificates. Once the check-ups have been completed, the athletes will be able to collect their medical certificates from the secretary area set up near the central gaming area, on Saturday from 3:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. and on Sunday from 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. We remind you that it will not be possible to request the return of the certificates in the days following the event.