How to register

You can register to the AeQuilibrium Beach Volley Marathon® as an ‘Athlete’ (to compete in the tournament with your team), or, alternatively, as a ‘Non-Athlete’ (allowing you free access to dedicated beach volley courts and, should you wish to, to take part (for the May event) with your team in the Beach Sitting ParaVolley where athletes with different abilities will compete). All registered people will be able to take part in the Welcome Party and to the night beach parties, free entrance to disco parties, a 20 % discount on the entrance ticket to the thermal water swimming pools (at Bibione Thermae); discounts on renting beach umbrellas and beach loungers; discounts in pizzerias and other affiliated restaurants/pubs/bars.

12th-13th-14th May: 15th February 2023

15th-16th-17th September: 31th May 2023

  • To take part in the 2023 edition of the AeQuilibrium Beach Volley Marathon® you will need to follow the online procedure and complete it within the 20th April second deadline for the May event, and the 24th August deadline for the September event. We wish to remind you that simply entering your data online or just paying will not be valid in order to complete your registration to the event.
  • The ‘Team Fee’ (to take part in the tournament) will be increased by 25.00 euros should the registration be completed after the first deadline of the 6th of April for the May event and of the 17th of August for the September event.
  • The balance of the ‘Athlete’ fee and any other outstanding account (if agreed with the organizing secretariat) can be paid at check-in in Bibione.
  • Registration is intended as completed after successful payment and after receipt of the contract within ten days after payment. Note: should you not have received the contract after ten working days, please contact the organization office.
  • For withdrawals before departure day, the extent of the penalty charged will be according to article 10 of the “General sales conditions of package tours“. Attention: it is important to know that there will be penalties in the event of a withdrawal. We advise you therefore to purchase, at registration, an insurance policy that includes a refund in the event of a withdrawal due to health issues or injuries.

The organizing office will offer an assistance service from registration to the end of the sports event, helping participants choose the most suitable programs and solutions.

Registering in 5 steps



Register to the sports event following the online procedure at the link Register Now. Registration needs to be completed within the second deadline: Thursday the 20th of April for the May event and Thursday the 24th of August for the September event. Important note: all the requests entered on the registration form will be valid for five days; you will need to pay, by credit card or attaching the bank receipt, within that time to confirm the registration. All the requests will be cancelled after five days but you can enter a new registration (participants’ data will be save at your disposal).


Participants’ list

To get the Participants’ list, it’s necessary to choose to register to the AeQuilibrium Beach Volley Marathon® as an ‘Athlete’ or as a ‘Non-Athlete’. Once you have made your choice, enter all the data for each participant. The privacy consent form for underage participants will need to be given by their parents/legal guardians, who will also consent to the participation in the sports event of the underage athlete. We remind you that you will be able to make changes to the list of athletes (e.g.: changing/adding new athletes, changing the required data, uploading medical certificates) also after the registration procedure by simply sending an email to the organizing office ( or, otherwise, by making the request at check-in in Bibione. If you’re registering as an ‘Athlete’, at registration you will also be able to optionally purchase an withdrawal insurance that includes a refund in case of withdrawal from the tournament due to health issues or injuries and an injuries insurance covering injuries while playing in the tournament. Both insurances are personal and non-refundable.


Uploading the medical certificates

To take part in the tournament you must have a health certificate, for non-competitive sport activities (base certificate of good health issued by your GP/family doctor) or, otherwise, a health certificate for competitive sports – which must be valid during all the time of the event. Therefore, for those registered in the tournament as an ‘Athlete’ upload the medical certificates of all your teams’ members. As an exception to the above, for all athletes members of a sport promotion associations or of a national sport federations, recognised by the CONI (the Italian Olympic Games Committee), and who have a health certificate for sports valid for the 2022-2023 season, will only need to know the associations /federation their medical certificate is deposited at and that it is valid at the time of the sports event. Otherwise, the athletes can carry out the medical examination in Bibione: during the event a doctor will be at the disposal of the participants who will want to be visited to get their health certificate for sports and then they have to show it at the check-in desk. In this case it will be possible to get a payment doctor’s appointment (without booking) at the dedicated medical area near the central arena. (Thu. 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. | Fri.7:45 a.m. -9:00 p.m. | Sat. 7:45 a.m. -12:00 p.m.).


Teams and accommodation

To take part in the tournament it is necessary to choose the category in which play, to enter the name of the team (max 25 characters), and to indicate the names of players by choosing them from those previously entered as an Athlete in the Participants’ List; for the 2×2 F/M/Mixed categories the teams’ names will be automatically generated by the system using the surnames of the participants after choosing the category and indicating the names of the team members. The players’ list can be changed at any time taking into consideration the specific provisions in the General Rules. Whit the team’s registration it’s possible to choose whether your team will take part in the ‘Jackpot Option’ allowing it thus to double the prize money (see Prize money section). By participating in the sport event as an ‘Athlete’ or a ‘Non-Athlete’ it’s possible to book the affiliated accommodation from the available options, in fact it is possible to book stays in agreement with a single registration procedure by choosing from the solutions proposed in residences, apartments and hotels. It is also possible to book additional services related to accommodation and beach service.



It’s necessary to complete the entry request paying by credit card (Visa and MasterCard circuits) or by bank transfer. For bank transfers you will need to attach the receipt of payment, writing in the description of payment field: BVM and the name of the person in charge of the contract. The bank transfer will be made in favour of Raduni Sportivi S.r.l. (via Milano, 2/b – 30020 Marcon – Ve) IBAN: IT97N0708436150000000801109 – BIC – SWIFT: ICRAITRRU40. The balance relating to the “Athlete” fees and/or any other pending charges (only if agreed with the organizing secretariat) can be paid at the check-in in Bibione, at the time of accreditation.

Informativa voucher. Alla scadenza dei 30 mesi dall’emissione del voucher, Raduni Sportivi srl tramuterà il voucher in un credito a favore del Cliente; a scelta del Cliente, tale credito potrà essere utilizzato per la prenotazione di una nuova iniziativa sportiva promossa dalla nostra Organizzazione oppure sarà rimborsabile, come previsto dalla legge, nei 14 giorni successivi all’arrivo della relativa richiesta inviata a Raduni Sportivi srl via mail comunicando gli estremi del voucher (numero del voucher, cognome e nome e coordinate bancarie dell’intestatario del voucher). La mail dovrà pervenire dall’intestatario del contratto, dovrà avere il voucher in allegato e dovrà essere indirizzata ad

Voucher information. Upon expiry of 30 months from voucher issue, Raduni Sportivi srl will transform the voucher into a credit in favor of the Customer; based on the Customer’s choice, the credit, can be used to book a new sporting initiative promoted by our organization or it will be refundable, as required by law, within 14 days following the arrival of the request sent to Raduni Sportivi srl by email communicating the details of the voucher (voucher number, surname and name and bank details of the voucher holder). The email must be sent by the contract’s holder, it must have the voucher attached and it must be sent to