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An hour’s drive from Venice Bibione is one the most visited tourist destinations in Italy. The wide beach is one of its main and most appreciated features. The beach stretches for over 7 kilometres and is so wide as to be the ideal site to host top level well-attended beach events. Bibione is the first tourist destination in Europe to get the EMAS certificate and to follow sustainable development principles. It has always been one of the favourite national, and the other side of the Alps, tourist destination. Bibione offers a sun and beach holiday, trips in nature, guided tours to the neighbouring historical towns. A rich network of cycling paths – mapped on Google Maps – branches out from the center of Bibione. The paths are more and more interconnected owing also to two cycle and pedestrian ferries.

Bibione Thermae

The Bibione spa establishment, close to the sports area, was born and has developed as a place where to attain true wellness.  In Bibione Thermae you will be able to rediscover the joy of feeling healthy and fit. In addition to spa treatments, there are: a state-of-the-art beauty farm, big indoor and outdoor thermal water swimming pools with whirlpools and pool cascades, saunas, Turkish baths, hay baths, a cooling room, a sunroom and refreshment services. Thermal water springs at 52°C from a spring situated 500 meters underground. According to the temperature of the water and its fixed residue, this water is classified as hyper-thermal, medium mineral, alkaline bicarbonate, sodium fluoride. Owing to its properties the thermal water in Bibione Thermae has been recognized as therapeutic by the Italian Ministry of Health. Let yourself be enveloped in the exotic atmosphere of the Hamman, lying totally relaxed on heated marble beds immersed in warm scented steam. Participants to the sports event, with their personal passes, will get a 20% discount on the entrance price to the thermal water swimming pools. 

How to reach Bibione

Take the A4 motorway (Venice-Trieste), exit at Latisana; a 20 km highway connects Latisana to Lignano and to Bibione.

The nearest station is the “Latisana-Lignano-Bibione” (on the Venice-Trieste line). A stone’s throw away from the train station there is a bus stop (www.atvo.it). The bus ride to Bibione takes about 30 minutes. The closest bus stop to the sporting event area is Bibione Thermae (about 100 meters).

The nearest airports are Venice, Treviso and Ronchi dei Legionari (Trieste). For those arriving in Bibione by train or by plane, the organizing office arranges a transfer service from Venice Airport and Venice-Mestre train station.

Please note: the organizers can arrange transfers from Venice, Treviso or Trieste’s Airports and from Venice-Mestre or Latisana’s Railway Stations (with additional cost based on the route).

To Bibione by touring coach. We got it covered!

For the May event, participants will be able to get access to a round trip transfer service by touring coach leaving from four different towns (Lecce, Reggio Calabria, Genoa and Turin). There will be several boarding stops along the way.

The AeQuilibrium Beach Volley Marathon® will thus start on board comfortable touring coaches to safely reach the destination. The outward trip leaves on Thursday the 11th of May (check the timetable for each leg of the journey). The return trip leaves from Bibione on Sunday the 14th at 6 p.m. for all four legs of the journey and also for the shuttle service. The round trip is 50.00 euros per person without distinction for the legs of the journey and/or the boarding stop and will be available upon reaching a minimum of 30 people for each leg of the journey. You will need to register for the service while registering for the event specifying the leg of the journey and the boarding stop. Registrations for the transfer service will be accepted until Thursday the 6th of April and you will be notified of the availability of the service by email on that date. Attention: once the service has been accepted, you will be charged a penalty of 50.00 euros per person in case of cancellation on your part.

Legs of the journey and boarding stops along the way

  • Course (1) Lecce – Bibione, boarding stops: Lecce – Bari – Foggia – Pescara – Ancona – Rimini – Bologna – Ferrara.
  • Course (2) Reggio Calabria – Bibione, boarding stops: Reggio Calabria – Cosenza – Lagonegro – Salerno – Napoli – Cassino – Roma – Arezzo – Firenze – Padova.
  • Course (3) Genova – Bibione, boarding stops: Genova – Alessandria – Piacenza – Vicenza – Treviso.
  • Course (4) Torino – Bibione, boarding stops: Torino – Novara – Milano – Bergamo – Brescia – Verona.

Departure from airport 10.00 a.m. / from train station 10.30 a.m. / arrival in Bibione at about 12.00 p.m.

Departure from airport 3.00 p.m. / from train station 3.30 p.m. / arrival in Bibione at about 5.00 p.m.

Departure from airport 7.00 p.m. / from train station 7.30 p.m. / arrival in Bibione at about 9.00 p.m.

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