In Bibione, all accommodations are no more than five minutes by car from the playing courts.

If you choose a roulette formula, the random allocation of the accommodation will be communicated at check-in. All other stays, on the other hand, allow the choice of the residential complex, the Tourist Village or the hotel, where the desired accommodation unit is located.

Yes, the assignment of apartments (and/or mobile homes) next to each other is possible when they are requested on the same registration and are part of the same typology. If you make different registration, the request must be clearly specified in the forms.

Yes, during registration it is possible to select the appropriate accommodations indicated with 7 beds.

No, it will not be possible to stay with a number of people exceeding the required beds.

The proposed apartments are two-room apartments (4/5 beds) and three-room apartments (6/7 beds). Generally, the housing units are composed as follows:

  • 4/5 beds: bathroom, kitchen, davenport (single or double), double bedroom and an eventual third bed.
  • 6/7 beds: bathroom, kitchen, davenport (usually double), twin room, double room and an eventual third bed inside the double room for the 7 beds units.

The apartments are equipped with kitchenette with refrigerator and dishes (no tablecloths and tea towels); there are pillows and blankets; there are no sheets and towels that can be requested when booking. Hygienic kit not provided: there are no products for cleaning the accommodation, personal hygiene (courtesy set) and toilet paper.

This year it will not be possible to guarantee the usual check-out of the pitches until 6:30 pm: since June is already a tourist period, new guests may have booked the pitch so check-out is scheduled at 12:00. In the event that the pitch is not booked and assigned to a new guest, it will be possible to request a late check-out at the reception of the International Tourist Village upon arrival and vacate the pitch by 6:30 pm at no additional cost.

For any inconvenience, (empty gas tank, lack of electricity, water leakage, lost keys, etc.) you must contact the lessees agencies that close their offices at 7:00 pm, after that time it will not be possible any type of intervention. Therefore, it is recommended to check in by 6:00 pm to control the correct functioning of the supply systems (electricity, water, gas). The organizers will not be able to provide any assistance to the participants that will formalize check in after 6.00 pm. We would like to remind you that the use of the hair dryer together with other electrical equipment (eg. boiler), can cause the exceeding of the available power and the consequent release of the differential safety: so the light will turn off automatically.

Yes, there is a fee-paying car park inside the Villaggio Turistico Internazionale, but there are also other fee-paying and free parking spaces available nearby. Cars must be parked at least one meter away from the tents. It must be concluded that the campsite management can fix a quote to access with a car.

In the vicinity of the area where the event takes place, there are several parking areas for cars and other vehicles:

  • Via delle Colonie 4 (5 minutes walk from the event - short stop)
  • Bibione Thermae area (10 minutes walk from the event - pedestrian street of the thermal baths)
  • Piazzale Adriatico (10 minutes walk from the event - promenade walk)
  • Via Unità d'Italia (15 minutes walk from the event - pedestrian street from Residence Nettuno)
  • Piazza Mercato (20 minutes walk from the event - city center / seafront promenade)
  • Piazzale Zenith (20 minutes walk from the Village from the event - seafront promenade)

The housing units, as well as the hotels, have a parking space therefore, to facilitate road traffic during the days of accreditation (check-in) for arrivals expected by the closure of the tenant agencies (shown on the booking voucher), it is recommend:

  • To take possession of the accommodation and, subsequently, to walk to the accreditation area of ​​the event (beach in front of the International Tourist Village, with access from via delle Colonie 4, from via Ariete and through the pedestrian street of the spa).
  • To book the accommodation until Sunday evening in order to have parking available and to vacate the accommodation calmly during the day.

During check-in, a doctor will be available for those wishing to request a medical examination for the issuing of certificates.

The hours of medical examinations are:

Thursday from 5:00 pm to 9:30 pm (event accreditation area)
Friday from 07:45 am to 9:30 pm (event accreditation area)
Saturday from 07:45 am to 12:00 am (central scoreboard area)