• Welcome! The welcome party arrives: the event is enriched with a new evening on Thursday, from 22.00 to 24.00, it will sing and dance with live music in one of the coolest places in the town.

  • Experience top night parties: an exclusive private terrace with a dedicated bar will be set up in the "Spritz Party" area where you can dance with a central stage view. Furthermore, a "skip row" priority access will be made available, which will avoid possible queues at the entrances to the "Spritz Party" area.

  • On the side of the environment: respecting the beauty of the great Bibione beach is a commitment that we intend to honor by sharing it with our participants. We are in fact planning a virtuous path that will progressively eliminate plastic, the first step will be the use of eco-sustainable glasses in the entire "Spritz Party" area for a plastic free party.

  • New 2x2 Mixed category: on Sunday a new tournament is reserved reserved for the 2x2 Mixed game category (a man and a woman in the field) with a double elimination formula up to 128 pairs.

  • Extended final phase: for both 2x2 M / F game categories the best 128 teams will be entered in the final stage, divided into two separate Competition Boards, both made up of 64 teams; while, for each of the 3x3 M / F and 4x4 Misto gaming categories, the best 768 teams will enter the final stage, divided into four separate Competition Boards, each consisting of 192 teams.

  • Increasingly rich prize pool: the overall prize pool of the 2020 edition will reach the amount of 108,000.00 euros.

Find out our PLUS and request them during the registration.


Access to the private terrace with free drink:

  • €60.00 per person for Friday’s evening (May 15th);
  • €80.00 per person for Saturday’s evening (May 16th)
  • €100.00 per person for both evenings (Friday 15th and Saturday 16th of May)

The private terrace pass must be combined with the personal pass issued at the check-in.


€10.00 per person priority entry "skip the line" to the Spritz Party area for both evenings Friday 15th and Saturday 16th


€8.00 Purchase "Spritz Jug" (1ℓ) instead of €12.00


€20.00 bike (service available only for apartments). Bike availability can only be guaranteed upon arrival at the lessee agency or at the assigned residence; the service is offered from the day of arrival until the day of departure. A deposit (per bike) is required upon delivery of the bike, which will be given back on the day of departure.


€20.00; they are available from the day of arrival to the day of departure


€8.00 per person (service available for apartments, resort and dormitory accommodation)


€6.00 set (service available for apartments, resort and dormitory accommodation).