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The full program will be published in the 'BeachVolleyMarathon App'.

Friday and Saturday: Spritz Party on the beach from 7.00pm to 10.30pm. For the May event, inside the party will be set up an exclusive privé terrace with a dedicated bar where you can dance with a view of the central stage. The entrance, which is limited and on reservation, includes free drink for both evenings.

The aperitifs on the beach (Spritz Party) will be managed in compliance with the rules in force on the dates of the event. In the case of the current prevention provisions will be confirmed, participants have to respect the interpersonal safety distance of one meter. A steward service will supervise the duty of interpersonal distancing within the are.

  • Adequate information on prevention measures, also understandable for participants of other nationalities, will be available with the aid of specific signs, signage and audio systems. The area will have a maximum capacity limit useful to guarantee a space of four square meters for each person; the limit will be adequate to the legal provisions in force on the date of the event.
  • Separate routes will be organized for the entry and the exit from the area; a steward service will guarantee orderly access and exit, in order to avoid gatherings and, at the same time, to supervise and to promote the duty of the security measures with reference to the sense of responsibility of each participant.

  • Depending on the legal provisions in force on the date of the event, body temperature detection may be necessary before access to the aperitif: the access will be denied in case of temperatures above 37.5 ° C.

NOTE: the entry to the evening parties on the beach will be denied for children under 16 years old even if accompanied by adults. The administration of drinks within the area will be carried out from 7.30pm to 9.30pm: the collection of drinks must take place by 9.30pm. We remind that, starting from this year, the entire area dedicated to evening parties on the beach will become plastic free: the spritz jugs will be replaced by eco-sustainable jugs (glasses). During the evening parties on the beach, the police, assisted by a large security service, will enforce the regulations in defense and respect for all participants, prohibiting the introduction of backpacks, bags (ok fanny packs and small straps) and any object deemed dangerous, including any type of bottle and/or can. The objects that cannot be introduced will be deposited in containers placed in a special unattended area at the entrance of the party. It is highly recommended not to enter the party area with valuables. In the presence of particular adverse weather conditions or other external events, the organizer, at incontestable discretion, may decide to suspend the evening parties on the beach without this implying an obligation to refund.


In case of particular adverse weather conditions, the administrative staff can decide on his own to suspend the evening beach parties without any refund.

Please NOTE: Having fun is very important for the event itself, for this reason we invite all the participants to limit the use of alcohol, especially during the evening parties on the beach, discos and clubs of the area in order to prevent any kind of problem. Bodyguards with the help of policemen will monitor and let observe the rules in respect of all participants, forbidding the access with bottles, cans, jars or any other dangerous object inside the area of the party.